Take your customer experience to new heights with the electronically-controlled EVent™ Series flattops from M&D Distribution. Featuring revolutionary new downdraft ventilation technology, the 48EB and 35EB completely eliminate smoke, grease, odors and your need for bulky hood vents and expensive makeup air.

EVent™ Series 48 EB

Crafted from corrosion resistant stEvo EVent 48 EBainless steel and aluminum, the 48EB teppanyaki grill is the unfair advantage you’ve been waiting for. Fully self-contained and requiring no additional ventilation, this cooking unit delivers all of the advantages of traditional grills without any of the mess, odors, or grease.


EVent™ Series 35 EB

Evo EVent 35 EBMeet the limitation shattering 35EB, the world’s first fully mobile flattop grill, UL Certified for both indoor and outdoor use. This portable cook station is perfect for casinos, banquet halls, golf courses, or anywhere that outdoor entertaining is required.


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